Why choose home tooth whitening

How to whiten your teeth at home for very little cost or even for free without any side effects .

You could purchase a very cheap tray system that can can gently whiten or keep white those teeth . Some foods you need to avoid , and habits you need to cut down on to limit the daily regime to a minimum.

Not only do you need to clean the teeth but also massage the gums for a healthy invigorating blood flow to the dentine . This has the added effect of being able to keep those teeth with a good protein and calcium flow so they will stay strong and healthy and white .

tooth whiteing tray procedure

Deep discolorations , from age of heavy smoking or decay can often be reversed with a simple procedure of altering the routine at the morning or evening.Sometimes tooth whitening can be achieved just by following this small habit. The appearance of your teeth plays an important role in creating a good first impression. North American culture has taken this to extremes as over $600 million is spend every years on tooth whitening.

People have become more aware of the way their smile look and there has been an explosion onto the market of whitening products making it easier to buy an effective kit for home use. Home whitening kits, aka, teeth bleaching products include tooth whitening toothpaste, tooth whitening trays and whitening gels and strips.

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Home Tooth whitening is one of the fastest and effective ways to brighten the teeth which is affordable for the majority of consumers. There is such a big hype on many products , very often people try the cheapest products first. This is often begun with the tooth whitening toothpaste. After this does not give the desired results , or after people realise the results are good, they generally move up to a home whitening tray kit. A lot of different opinions surround the use of home kits. When some say there is no worthwhile results from home whitening kits , it would be wise to check to see what product they were using.

tooth whitening procedure

Sure there are kits on the market that are total rip offs. But these are few and are often not well established makes .There are a great many that have been about for years and are being constantly improved. Some Kits use very low power whitening agents and so require longer to work.Therefore, when used for the first time, there is no real effect, but the more times you use it the more results will be apparent. f speed is of the essence , check the pack for the strength of the peroxide,  usually hydrogen peroxide – will be listed on the back of the packaging. Look for home tooth whitening kit that contains high strength bleach,  that will give a fast result, but for the first few times I would suggest a low power gel , till you feel comfortable using the system.

Heavily discolored stains do not always bleach easily first go, you may need to go at them a few times to get them to respond.  You must however follow the directions to the letter. The best thing about tooth whitening is that people see white teeth and believe you must be healthy , or perhaps younger than you appear. Many people think that poor discolored teeth is a sign of uncleanliness and that if you have white teeth then you are quite proud of your appearance.

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Home kits are much cheaper than dental treatments, and it is something most of us can handle , leaving the big stuff to the the professionals .Always follow the directions on the pack , and this will ensure that you do not develop any sensitivities from the use of the kits. Very often the complaints freom the use of the products are from the misuse of the product.

Many people believe that the using the product for longer than stated will give better results , but the case is that the product will more likely damage the gums and teeth . A ten minute treatment is not meant to be left in for half an hour , for a better result , get a higher dosage and use as directed.

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