White light tooth whitening kits

Beverly hills white light tooth whitening kit

There are a great many kits available these days for the whitening and stain removal of teeth. One of the most recent updates is the blue light or white light tooth whitening kit.

It is so called because the kit uses an additional hand operated light source , for only a short while, which increases the potency of the bleaching gels. Basically this system helps you get the most out of the whitening peroxide , compared to a similar dose without the a light source.

This is now referred to the white light kit, as this uses the a white light source. Initially these kits had a blue light . This is because they use the UV range of light , top act as the catalyst to the whitening accelerant.

Now as time have progressed, and because the blue tinge is unnecessary to signify UV , these lights are now white, with a slight tinge of blue. This does not mean the light is less intense in the UV spectrum , It just means that the light emitters , send out other wavelengths as well as blue . The excess light does not make any difference . to the final outcome of home whitening systems, although , there is a lower UV wavelength production in a great many white light systems, and this means the average life of the UV emission diodes will be shorter . A blue light system will have a far longer UV output than the wider spectrum units.

This is a similar type of wavelength you would expect to find in a tanning salon , but in a much , much lower dosage.The dentist also still uses these blue light systems to set crowns and other enamel products that are UV activated.

The benefits of a white light system.

The most part , is the gain from using a lower dosage of peroxide (for the risk of negative effects) and this is always a good thing. By using a catalyst , the gels now work at a far more efficient rate than before , giving your overall time in the chair less taxing, making it far easier to regularly use the system.

There are a few 35% Carbamide solutions with white light systems avail;ablre , this is aimed at those that want power bleaching in a very short space of time . In my Opinion this is excessive and should be avoided unless you really know and have experience with these products. 20% Peroxide gels are more than powerful enough to do the job , and the white light will double the resul;ting whitening efficiency.

white light tooth whitening kit

The key with home whitening systems is that the the procedure can be done frequently and with short doses .The end results after the treatment is less than you would see with a dentist , but the chances of gum or enamel irritation is vastly minimised.

It is awkward to go to the dentist for multiple visits , parking , waiting and so forth, so they have produced a srong peroxide solution for dentists , now that has hit the home market (35% Peroxide) , it is being hailed as trhe only effective whitening solution, when it is not. Patience is needed for at home whitening , smaller dosage , more often will be very effective.

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