Sonic Care Tooth Brush

The Phillips sonicare toothbrush was the first large scale electric toothbrush to be phillips sonic care toothbrushes mass produced for the consumer at reasonabloe cost . This is not to say that it is a poor quality item , it does in fact carry a lengthy guarantee .

The sonic care  tooth brush makes some substantial claims , such as

  • it can remove plaque more effectively
  • can noticeably whiten your teeth
  • can get deep within your teeth for a deep clean
  • Gives a effective dentist clean with sonic technology
  • your teeth will feel cleaner immediately

One thing to note is that dentists have been using ultrasonics to clean teeth for many years , but at much higher dosage.

how the sonic care tooth brushes sonic care elite Also the sonicare only produces the sonic range for 30 seconds , if you switch that function on  .

I do own a philips sonicare tooth brush , it was to replace my Oral B Triumph , which was still working well I just had to see what all the fuss was about !

After first charge , I gave the sonic care tooth brush a go , and immediately I noticed the discomfort of new electric tooth brush. This is quite normal , and everyone gets used to this very quickly.
Primarily I bought this tooth brush for the ugly brown stain between my lower teeth , which is proving to be very stubborn .

Did this sonicare tooth brush get that stain off , sadly no , after 2 months , the staining is still there .

Does it clean between my teeth , yes I think so , a fast moving head that vibrates so fast can never get deep into the crevaces , the head moves too fast , but it does actively force the foam between the teeth, which the braun did not!

sonic care toothbrushes and multiple sonic care tooth brush accesories sets Now the question is ,does sonic care toothbrushes do what it says it can….

Well I have personally seen no difference, it is certain that the sonicare is vastly superior in brushing speeds than the oral b , I have not seen an increase in  tooth whitening above what I already had , though I have quite white teeth anyway.

Are sonic care toothbrushes a waste of time then?

Well yes ,I have to say for me I saw no difference , to whiteing or plaque removal, though the soniccare is a much more forceful brush, it does vibrate faster and more than the braun, but the sonic ability is just a marketing ploy , and there is no real gain.

Oral B have buckled to the trend and produced a sonic tooth brush with a sonic ability , after all the market has been eroded with the sonicare’s sales pitch , and now braun wish to get the market share back.

What are your experiences ? Tell me below ….

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