Over the Counter Tooth Whitening Procedure

Teeth Whitening Review

Tooth whitening procedures can easily be made over the counter as it were.

All you need to do is either visit a pharmacy, drug store and see the quantity of products that are available off the shelf.

Ah , which one will give me rapid tooth whitening you say?

Tooth whitening enamel can be tough to make white , those stains appear almost on their own, and will not budge, Many of the products available over the counter can be next to useless and often contain the samecomparison of tooth whitening systems materials , perhaps a little change in the " formula" , but non the less are just the same.

Spotting the best tooth whitening costs versus waste

Almost all contain a selection of ingredients , and in those, it does mention active ingredients , those are the ones that actually clean the stains from your teeth. Some of the percentages are extremely low , tho , bear in mind these chemicals are government regulated for safe tooth whitening home use . Dentists of course use a much higher dose , and oddly enough these are the people who inform the government and safety organistaions what is a safe dose! Can you spell conspirasea?

Incidentally , most are peroxide based.

Safe Tooth Whitening

rare teeth whitening systems are likely to found online rather than over the counter tooth whitening

It was reported , however , that a number of online sellers were selling an illeagally higher dosage product through the thir own portals and internet shops . This was explained as regulation for safe tooth whitening changes from country to country and that they were mislead by their own suppliers . Well , good for us ! As long as you use the product as stated the guidelines are still safe to use and as always , stop if any irritation occurs .One hour tooth whitening systems are the best bet for safety , though there are many that are just 20 minutes , see the blue light tooth systems below.

Professional Tooth Whitening System

It was admitted by the British Dental Association that the dentist products were no more effective that may of the products over the counter, dependant on the one you purchase . You can easily achieve the results you want, without going to a dentist, and solely investing in a home treatment regime.

Blue Light Teeth Whitening

Home blue light teeth whitening , an easy if not ugly way to get naturally white teeth that last

Perhaps one of the best home treatments is the blue light teeth whitening systems.It is identical as the dentists treatments , but better!

Why you ask , well because

  • the dentist will only book you by appointment , when that is convenient to both of you
  • The time between appointments can be too long and allow stains to set back in
  • You can get a regular home treatment in shorter doses , with a smaller ammount of chemical giving you less exposure to and ill effects and overall a far safer tooth whitening experience , thus combatting the build up of stains between procedures to give you the best tooth whitening bang for buck
  • Possibly the best in one hour teeth whitening for a minimal outlay



.also known as the  whitelight tooth whitening system this is the best and cost effective way to whighten your teeth at home or even top up the whiteness

.Whitelight tooth whitening system (uv light teeth white,)is the same as the blue light tooth whitening procedure , the light is actually quite blueish and hence the confusion in the name . It should be noted that the use of the light cuts down the ammount of chemical you need to put in your mouth , and that is always a good thing right?







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