Natural Teeth whitening

Natural Teeth Whitening does not have to be that difficult a task to acomplish.

cheapest and best tooth whitening system for those on a budget There are many products or household items that can naturally whiten your teeth .The most common of these is bicarbonate of soda . Not baking soda as many people say , there is a difference .

  • Bicarbonate of soda works in many different ways including the alkaline way . That is by caustic action it can clean your teeth by bleaching .
  • Oxygen release , this has the effect of bleaching the teeth bu oxidisation , that is the breakdown of oxygen molecules, especially when in contact with organic material
  • The alkilinity is also kind to your teeth and does not in any way corrode the calcium enamel
  • the grittiness of the powder acts as a scrubbing paste to grind away the yellow deposits and any other stubborn stains

As you can see it is the best of the natural teeth whitening methods from the home , and in many respects is also an over the counter tooth whitening product as it is the most common element in whitening toothpastes.

Some whitening toothpastes also have an added oxygenator , which combined with the bicarbonate of soda , realeases vaste ammounts of o2 and 03 into the mouth that naturally attacks the organic stains that have build up on the teeth.natural teeth whitening the safe tooth whitening system

Those of you who know bicarb of soda also bleaches , socks , plates , teapots , and whites , as well as a home remedy for many house surface cleaners , including cif , anf scouring powders.

The only difference is that it does not stay in the mouth long enough to bleach effectively the teeth and so needs to be sped up to be effective . The natural grit is also detectable in toothpaste and this also adds to the grinding away of those stubborn stains. This is entirely a safe tooth whitening system , that cannot damage your teeth in any way , it also has the benefit of being highly alkaline , which with regular use will affect tjhe acidity of the mouth that will raise the ph to a level which will arrest the acid destruction of the tooth and is a natural teeth whitening solution.

Alternative to professional tooth whitening gel , this mixed with alittle baking soda will give you afree and highly effective tooth whitening method

Teeth bleaching gel , home made

Really a highly effective home made gel can be made up and used for extra bleaching power .It contains:

  • toothpaste
  • bicarbonate of soda (big suprise)

though I have used it myself this dentists video should show you how

here is a safe tooth whitening system that does not fial and is used by millions , just alittle tweaking will get the best out of it

There is an alternative of using the hydrogen peroxide to clean the teeth , all is explained in the video.

There are many other home methods shown by other sites , but they require th use of acids ctric and others , which is counter productive to the natural tooth whitening and will inevitably cause the teeth to suffer acid attack, which can give rise to gum diseases and additional staining as well as a trip to the dentist. Take a look at juice drink damage in children , and you can see the correlation to decay from acid.

There is another system that I use and that is burnt toast . This I discovered from a Jamaican friend who told me his white teeth were due to him brushing his teeth with coal fire soot.

Before you laugh , he was a heavy smoker and has brilliant teeth, I used a similar system from the scraping of toast I had burnt , and using the carbon , that I ground with a pestle I mixed it with a little toothpaste and , there was a remarkable difference.

And one more , I use a white towel , and rub my teeth in small circles untill they become quite hot , then keep rubbing retaining the heat , this works , you can see the effects on the towel , the stain removal , is instantanious.





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    All bleaching agents used to whiten teeth is only going to work with natural tooth structure. Therefore all dental work including but not restricted to bonding, veneers, crowns (caps) and bridges will not bleach or whiten. All dental work will have to get replaced to complement the newly whitened teeth.

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