Getting the best from home whitening kits

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Home tooth whitening kits are abundant now, and consequently are really cheap.

For a mere $5 you can buy a kit that works very well and gives you clean unlike any other toothbrush or whitening paste you can buy. Almost all whitening tray kits involve the use of peroxide , either hydrogen, or carbamide . The main differences is that carbamide peroxide is slower to act than the hydrogen counterparts, and also is not as fussy with storage and longevity. (hydrogen peroxide starts to lose the potency even before you open the container).

Carbamide also , has a lot less negative reactions with the gums and other sensitive areas on the mouth.So the choice is yours , more effective versus greater risk…what’s your choice?

Some kits are light based , but these tray kits still use the peroxide , just with a light of a specific wavelength as a catalyst.

The tray is a name for the the mouth guard type thing that fits in the mouth and holds the whitening solution close to the teeth. These are made for you at the dentist at considerable cost , but you

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are guaranteed a good fit. Alternatively you can use a tray kit, most are, and this has a moldable tray that you just put into hot water to soften and put in you mouth to shrink and mould to your gum-line and tooth layout. I find these very good , compared to the cost of professional trays , and do have slight imperfections , but for a yearly cost of about $50 I can whiten my teeth , once a fortnight , and keep then looking great.

I have been months without using a whitening kit , the home systems are really that good. And I don’t use the fabled 35% peroxide either just the standard , cheap 12 or 16% kits.

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Of course you will not get the film star ridiculous white, but that looks so unnatural that I would advise against it , and really looks daft. Just look at Ross on Friends when his teeth were so white they shone in the dark!

So save a fortune , get a home tooth whitening tray kit , for just a few dollars , and join our club…I call it , "the white smiles club"!

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