Best and effective teeth whitening systems

before tooth whitening

If you are thinking of buying a tooth whitening product, the most important decision is the ratio of cost versus the effectiveness of the product.For this main reason most people choose to go with the most powerful solution for the least amount of cost.
Professional dentist whitening is never cheap , but it does take the strain and annoyance from the actual decision of choosing a home whitening kit .

In addition , you also do not need to worry about trays or timing the activity to get the best results .
It would be safe to believe that all the stars use professional dentist to whiten their teeth . Though this is fine for those , for the ordinary individual this is wasteful , and that level of whiteness may be odd looking. A natural white tooth smile is more the impression you wish to give . Or perhaps you are a smoker or a heavy coffee drinker, and the resulting staining is unpleasant to look at .
The best solution in that case is the home whitening kits that are already available .

after tooth whitening
There are so many kits on the market, that are under $10 , and these have a whitening tray and peroxide solutions , some even at 35% carbamide peroxide strength, and are guaranteed to whiten the teeth if used as directed . A word of caution , with the stronger solutions 20 to 35% , it is best to use only as directed and not be tempted to leave in for longer than directed .We have all done this , we overdose the washing machines, use too much shampoo , mix too high a concentrate of plant food , and many other things too. But this is one case where the longer the solution stays in contact with the mouth the more chances that there will be adverse or even a severe reaction. By no means does this mean these kits are not safe , but there is a line where a solution is safe and where it is not .
If you are first starting out , it is best that you buy a whitening kit that is only 16 to 20% , this will minimise any possible reactions and maximise your bang for buck, that is you will get the most whitening for the least amount of money.
There are still a great many articles referring to overnight whitening tray solution , but these are out of date , and you should realise that new products are all more potent and require only a few minutes per day to get the same results. It was once believed that only very low doses where safe for public use , but after the popular widespread use of these products it has become apparent that the majority of people realise that , when dealing with bleaching chemicals , always follow the indicated procedure!

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