35 Hydrogen Peroxide

Chemical formula for hydrogen peroxide (bleach)

How does Hydrogen Peroxide work

35% Hydrogen peroxide is an extremely powerful oxidizing agent. It’s produced by the force of uv on H2O in a similar way to ozone production by UV light and the reaction on the surface of the sea by sunlight. The Ocean actually cona tain Hydrogen Peroxide in a quantity that can be measured , which help to give the sea it’s high redox (reduction-oxidisation) effect.

Because the natural preferred state of equilibrium is H2O the solution will try and will revert back to this by buy hydrogen peroxide in large containers for cleaning with hydrogen peroxide shedding the extra oxygen atom to an organic if available, substance , This effect will bleach anything it comes into contact with . On teeth whitening , the properties have a side effect if actually permeating the dentine , bleaching very deap into the tooth enamel , this of course creates a very deep white shine that will really last .

A word of caution , althoughh the AMA regards this as a non threat to dental longivity , it must be emphasised that a stronger solution is more likely to cause any side effects It is without smell and color. But, it does have a taste,. If stored in the suitable circumstances, it will revert to a stable compound. In the absence of ultraviolet and foregn matters, it breaks down at the rate of 10% per annum. 35% potable peroxide, to smear around foil packaging to employ for chemical formula for hydrogen proxide food uses. This is called the sterile containers arrangement. It’s employed for the output of edible products such as eggs, cheese as well whey-products. The 35% Technical Grade peroxide is applied for effluent handling and the sterilisation of visible, drinkable water and washing applications. This could likewise include any amount of phosphorus to counterbalance some chlorine in the water system. The 35% Standard Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is primarily employed for bleaching he pulp and paper manufacture, the fabric industry, environmental process (sterilisation and deodourising) and oxidisation chemical reaction* in the chemical manufacture.The reaction of the h2o2 breaking down in contact wth contaminants especially organic is why hydrogen peroxide bubbles , as it releases oxygen atoms and latent energy.

how to use hydrogen peroxide

Uses for hydrogen peroxide

* used in cancer treatments for the destruction of cancer by oxygen bombardment

*35 Hydrogen peroxide can be used topically to remove cancerous tumours from the skin by drawing them off

* in solution , gargling with hydrogen peroxide ,can be used as a hydrogen peroxide mouth wash to reduce throat tumourshydrogen peroxide mouth wash
* a spayed liqid used in the horticultural industry sterilises air so that crop can trive in a clean sterile environment for a time A similar effect can be produced in house plants by adding 16 drops of 35% hydrogen peroxide to each quart of water.
*diluted can be used as insecticide

* Vitamin C produces hydrogen peroxide and assists in fighting infections. This stimulates the production of prostaglandins
* Lactobacillus found in the colona and vagina give rise to hydrogen peroxide. This annihilates the harmful bacteria and viruses and prevents colon disease, bladder infections, vaginitis and other usual ailments
*it regulats the oxygen in cell as an anti oxidant
* the human body also uses it for thyroid and hormone production
* interferon manufacture is multiplied
* the blood vessels in the heart and brain are dilated
* athletes use hydrogen peroxide to increase stamina
* Acknowledged to accept positive effects on prostate, melanoma and mesothelioma
* it can cure ailments like cancer, AIDS and arthritis.
Hydrogen peroxide safety

* 2 quarts of 35 hydrogen peroxide bath is used in a Jacuzzi or hot tub. Post a shower, it’s allegeable to soak a flannel with 3% hydrogen peroxide and motion it across the body
* it could be applied as a antimicrobial and in rocketry and bipropellant arrangements

* Hydrogen peroxide vaporization once aggregated with gemicide of staff and patient vehicles expeditiously curbed an eruption of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus MRSA

Hydrogen Peroxide safety

Please be aware this site does not express an advice to take foolish measures into your own hands . Although it could be understood that the many products are fundamentally the same , at no point should yhydrogen peroxide mouth wash ou make foolish decisions with toxic chemicals unless you know what you are doing. This article is merely a guidline and a deep research is required before any medical procedure is undertaken .

Your doctor can advise you on how best to use these easily available chemicals and in what doses they would consider safe for YOU to use.

Be aware that non phamacy grade solutions are not 100% guaranteed in their active solution content , and understand , though stated at 35 hydrogen peroxide they may in fact far exeed this content and could be POTENTIALLY LETHAL, if not disfiguring .

Again please consult or inform your doctor before taking these or any similar liquids on or in your body , they are safe to use as directed and in the concentration and time periods , only if the original solutions are correct and from the appropriate sources

Not every one is adept at DIY , some can suffer badly through very small mistakes , if you are one of these people then please be safety concious .

Thank you.





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