Teeth Whitening Systems

The good facts about home dental whitening

  1. Home teeth whitening products do work as well or even better than the dentist’s methods
  2. Teeth whitening is not expensive or painful
  3. Bright smiles attract attention and compliments , without you even trying , and are noticed , even if nobody mention it to you directly
  4. Home kits take longer to work , but he effects last longer ( the cleaning is done over a longerSimple at home teeth whitening kit that works very well . all the budget systems are based on this method , and the vast majority do work period , whereas, at the dentist your teeth start to yellow the day after you leave the dentist chair) this video shows the cheapest and quite effective method

The bad fact s about home dental whitening

  1. The results are not a one time deal , regular "top ups" are needed
  2. Whitening toothpastes are varied between abrasive (smokers) and stain removers (bicarb), will not give the same results as the proper kits
  3. Natural toothwhiteners are to be scrutinised .Low ph , acid based systems,can damage your teeth as they clean .

Some products are not suitable for those with sensitive gums ( unless you able to ignore the temporary discomfort) Though this is rare , an is normally a reaction to the equipment,rather than the chemicals at home teeth whiteninmg can give you a smile like this ith very little effort used.Most people are aware they have sensitive gums before the purchase of the said systems, and really it can be trial and error to find a system that works without discomfort for those of you with that particular problem , as those who are sensitive , are not sensitive to the same formulations as another sensitive user.Although , sometimes you may have gum and tooth damage , and a switch to a sensitive toothpaste will cure both your damage , and your product sensitivity. Take a look at this Very advanced and professional home teeth whitening kit , which produces seriously better results than the cheaper version and in fact rival the dental proceedure

As you can see from the video above , the sytem is very similar to the one you would receive at the dentist without the extra cost and time needed hence you can top up your treatment whenever you need to in less than 30 minutes , just right for that nigh out or important date, or if you have been eating a strongly colored food , or are a smoker.

This system allows you to have months of clean white teeth at home without ever having to go to the dentist